Tim Attwood, myHosting.com
myLittleAdmin is one of the key pieces of the myhosting.com SQL2008 offering. The ability to offer our customers a user-friendly and easy to access web-based SQL administration tool helps complete the overall SQL2008 offering. Now our customers can access their database without installing Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio. Also myLittleBackup allows us to offer a restore solution that gets customers up and running quickly, and a reliable backup solution that is always available.
Carlos Caneja, Applied Innovations Website
myLittleBackup is a tool any provider offering the MSSQL family of services should not be without. The application's ingenuity and intuitive features make it customer centric, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and rapid to scalable. Thanks to its valuable functions via its easy to use web based interface, myLittleBackup removes many time consuming tasks that could only be done by an SA in the past.
Warren Ashcroft, Red Fox Hosting
When running Microsoft software in a shared hosting environment, it has never been easy to achieve an adequate balance of security and functionality and this has never been more true than with SQL Server. At Red Fox Hosting we allow customers remote access to the SQL Server and their databases but still backups and restores were a problem; we had the policy of performing database backups and restores on request from the customer but found that critical staff time was being over-consumed on the task and we needed a solution, fast. We couldn’t relax security to allow customers to backup and restore their databases themselves as this would open up security vulnerabilities for other customers and databases on the same server so we had to either spend time on developing database backup and restore functionality into our control panels (many weeks or even many months of development time) or look or a 3rd party solution and this is when we found myLittleTools.

myLittleAdmin is licensed per SQL Server instance. License includes email support and free minor upgrades.

Pricing starts at $82.50

Chris Danks, CyberHostPro
myLittleAdmin and myLittleBackup have both been fantastic products and really helped our business move forward. Prior to myLittleBackup we use to get about 15-30 tickets a week from customers requesting backups and restores for SQL, since we have introduced myLittleBackup we no longer receive tickets for these requests, which is excellent. We decided this year to also start offering myLittleAdmin too, this is easier for clients as they no longer have to download SQL Express, they can login online to manage their databases without the need of 3rd party software. Both of these products have really helped our business and would recommend anyone else to use them.
Jimmy Phelan, Blacknight Internet Solutions
When we were initially offering Microsoft SQL we had a policy of accepting a backup of a DB and restoring it over a created database. This worked for the vast majority, however as our client base expanded, the amount of people wishing to access more and more of SQL Server's functions grew with it. To deal with this increase we started to allow access through our firewall to the MSSQL Servers. This brought about a need for our clients to have static IP addresses. We were not overly happy with this solution and recognised from the start that this would only be a stop-gap solution. And so it was with some considerable relief that we found myLittleTools. In May of 2007 we purchased and installed the entire suite of ML applications to cover Backups and Restores with myLittleBackup, SQL 2000 Server with the myLittleAdmin for SQL 2000, and SQL Server 2005 with myLittleAdmin. Overnight the issues we had experienced disappeared. Given the simple, well laid out nature of the applications, our clients have taken to the mylittletools suite of applications with relative ease and we have nearly forgotten that MSSQL used to be an issue at all! This series of products has allowed us to provide a more complete windows hosting solution to our clients. It is an amazing product, easy to install and with a level of support that is second to none.
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